I have spent the last two decades of my life working in the world of marketing and promotion. Whether it was for one of Canada's big banks, or one of Lake Simcoe's small NFP's - marketing has been my life! Throughout all of this time, one thing is clear to anyone who knows me - I LOVE houses...anything to do with making a house a HOME...interior design being one of my specialties. I also love working with and helping people.  And so now here I am - lucky enough to work in an industry that combines all of these passions: Real Estate, and, boy, do I love what I do! 

What does this mean for you?

  • I have lived and worked in this area for the better part of my life. I love the south end of Lake Simcoe – there is a uniqueness about this area that you won’t find anywhere else. My love and knowledge of this area …means I know who to ask, where to turn and the ins and outs of each neighborhood. This will benefit you as a buyer or a seller!

  • I come with a TEAM of people ready to get your house show ready...from cleaners to stagers to handypeople! And I have a big team of support staff behind me, which means your questions always get answered.

  • ADDED BONUS! My experience and knowledge of interior design will come in handy to anyone buying or selling. I offer free staging advice and service. Results show that staged homes always sell faster and for more money. This interior design knowledge and experience will also come in handy for buyers and investors. 

  • My 20+ years of marketing experience means I am born and ready to market the heck out of your home! Meaning quicker sale and more money!

  • I am thorough in my research, and always stay on top of the market data and what this all means for you. If you let me in, I could be a valuable resource….sorta like the google of home info for you.

  • I am dedicated to achieving the VERY best results for every client. My role is not to sell you anything...it is to guide you in finding the home of your dreams, or in moving on to your next adventure.  

So, what is a home to me?

We all need one…. It is most people’s biggest investment (and it is a very worthy investment). It is a place of value, security and savings for the future.  It is a place of protection for your family. A place full of EXPERIENCES: Place to love, laugh, cry, scream, share, eat, celebrate, debate, learn, push forward, protect, shelter, cook, garden, exercise, sleep, play, hide, run around naked, cuddle up with a good book, a home is where we always belong.


Home is where our story begins….and because of my feelings on all of this, I take my role as your guide in this journey very seriously.


A special Thank you to all of my clients for helping me achieve the ‘President’s Gold Award’, signifying exemplary sales performance! It sure feels good to do what you love! That beauty beside me is our Broker, Vivian Rissi. Incredible woman.

Giving Back

As a resident of Georgina, I have a deep and personal bond with Lake Simcoe. This is where my children learned to swim and where we go as a family to watch the sunsets and eat our ice cream cones. Alongside this lake is where I run every day. I also go to the lake whenever I need to think or have a good conversation with someone. Lake Simcoe has different meaning to everyone who uses it. It brings us together and is such a precious resource.


And so with this connection in mind, I joined the Ladies of the Lake 7 years ago. I sat on the Board of Directors for 5 of those years, and took part in many, many initiatives to help the residents of the Lake Simcoe Watershed build an emotional connection to the lake.


One of the initiatives close to my heart was the award winning Splash Floating Water Festival, for which I played the role of Director. The Splash Festival was made up 4 different festival experiences that all related back to Lake Simcoe, and were geared towards helping connect people to Lake Simcoe and the diverse watershed that surrounds it. The goal was to help people LOVE Lake Simcoe and as a result care for it.


I also helped to research for, produce and sell a kids book called ‘Do Fish Fart?’, an amazingly fun and interesting book all about Lake Simcoe.


The LOL and the Ontario Water Centre are currently working on a project called the ClearWater Farm, on the shores of Lake Simcoe here in Georgina. This farm will become a showcase of advanced eco-agricultural practices and a learning laboratory for developing agri-preneurs and restoring balance to the Lake Simcoe ecosystem. I have been helping to work on the fundraising and lay the groundwork for this farm.


There are more details about these projects, and many others that I am so proud to have helped to shape on the Ontario Water Centre’s website, www.ontariowatercentre.ca


Along with my love for Lake Simcoe, I am also passionate about protecting our local forests and farms. I have sat on the Board of Farm Georgina, and have worked alongside Georgina’s Economic Development in trying to establish a Farmers Market for this area.